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The MSU STEM-FEE (Food, Energy, and the Environment) Academy began in high schools in the Lansing School District.  The online Academy is open to everyone. We engage students in learning about vitally important STEM careers in the agricultural sciences, careers that affect our national and global security and the economy. We explore the applied biological STEM fields of animal science, crop and soil sciences, forestry, entomology, fisheries and wildlife, food science, and horticulture. Most people have never heard of these careers, but all of them are critical to our national security and most don’t have enough people to meet the job demand. STEM-FEE scientists research ways to solve global problems related to food security, soil health, climate change, environmental sustainability and a host of other areas that affect life and the quality of life. We need more graduates from these fields to help solve current and future problems.

MSU STEM-FEE Staff working with Sexton High School Students

Sexton high school students listening to a presentation on the STEM-FEE majors at Michigan State University (MSU).

Students learning about tagging and tracking animals, commonly used in the fisheries and wildlife field and major available at MSU.

Students learning about topics in the field of entomology by examining samples of ticks and observing their sizes.

Students performed dissections on fish and learned to identify organs while comparing the similarities and differences to humans.

Close up view of the fish dissection performed by Sexton high school students.

A group of Sexton high school students performing a fish dissection.

Students learning to identify where ticks could hide on the body.

Sexton High School student and MSU grad student working together with science

Sexton High School students extracting DNA from strawberries

AIMS MILP students working together by dissecting a chicken