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Cohort 3

Shania Shepard

Food Science

I chose food science as my major because I was interested in the health aspects and science that’s behind keeping food fresh and safe to consume. My career goals are to work in a field that focuses on public health such as food systems and quality assurance.

Rhajani Shepherd

Food Science

I choose my major because my love for food has gone back to as far as I can remember whether it was helping my mom cook dinner in the kitchen or picking out the seasoning for the popcorn. My favorite part about being a Food Science major heading into my junior year this coming fall is all the foods I have tried and will create from scratch. Spring of 2022 Semester I was able to take my first Food Processing class which was just understanding how the food was made and we tried dried food, fermented foods and even freeze dried some foods my favorite part of the day was going to that class and now I will have many other classes like it. My goal is to study abroad before I finish my undergraduate career, and once I fish my undergrad is to continue with my masters.  I am involved on the Women’s Rowing Team, and a Member of the Athletic Women’s and Leadership Council.