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STEM-FEE Graduates

Brandon Scott

Horticulture | Former Cohort 4 Student

My name is Brandon Scott, and I am majoring in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. I chose Horticulture because I have always loved being outdoors and growing plants from a young age. In addition to STEM-FEE, I am also a member of the Student Horticulture Association (SHA) where I have made several friends with similar interests in plants and participate in tons of fun and career building events. When I transferred to MSU, I did not know anyone on campus. STEM-FEE and SHA provided me the opportunity to make connections with classmates and faculty which made the transition easier. Currently, I am working for the Brainard lab as a field research aide in vegetable production. My goal is to own or manage an organic farm or continue my education to pursue a career in vegetable production research and/or MSU Extension to work with Michigan vegetable growers.

LilyRose Arriaga

Horticulture | Former Cohort 4 Student

Hello, my name is LilyRose and I am a senior majoring in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. I have always loved being outside, and collecting houseplants is one of my biggest hobbies. While being in the program I have met so many people who also have the same interest as me which makes the experience 10x better. I am also apart of Student Horticulture Association which has given me friendships and memories I will always cherish. At the current moment I work for Dan Brainard’s lab as a research aide. In the future I hope to be a part of running a Horticultural education program and garden.” 

Sydney Burtovoy

Food Science

Hello! My name is Sydney Burtovoy, and I am studying food science here at Michigan State University. Food is my passion. From the learning how crops are grown to the chemical composition behind the dishes we know and love, I desire to know it all. Earning a degree in Food Science will provide me with the knowledge and skills I need to achieve my goals of creating an abundance of healthy foods for the world and promoting food education. The STEM-FEE Scholarship is a big support to me because I was able to switch majors, which required spending some extra time in school, to follow my true path. Currently, I take every opportunity I can to learn more about the food industry. For example, I spearheaded a quiz bowl team composed of undergraduate and graduate students to compete in the IFT annual College Bowl competition. Additionally, I work with Dr. Cichy and Dr. Hooper on an undergraduate research project studying pinto bean flour.

Chloe Skiles

Food Science | Former Cohort 4 Student

I chose food science as my major because it combines my passion for cooking and backing and my passion for STEM. I find it very interesting learning about the intricacies of food production and all that goes into making safe and delicious food that everyone needs. This past summer I held an internship with Little Caesars Enterprises with their Quality Assurance and Research and development department, and after graduation I hope to do something similar and work in Research and Development.

Jessica Diaz

Fisheries and Wildlife | Former Cohort 3 Student

I chose to major in Fisheries & Wildlife because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program at MSU that combines the fields of biology, natural resources, environmental policy, and more. The FW program also emphasizes experiential learning through labs, independent research, and study abroad programs – all of which I have been fortunate to participate in! My overall career goals are to work at the intersection of urban ecosystems, fisheries management, and community science. In the future, I want to support community-based research and advocacy efforts to restore damaged ecosystems and correct environmental injustices. 

Shania Shepard

Food Science | Former Cohort 3 Student

I chose food science as my major because I was interested in the health aspects and science that’s behind keeping food fresh and safe to consume. My career goals are to work in a field that focuses on public health such as food systems and quality assurance.

AJ Burdick

Food Science | Former Cohort 2 Student

My name is AJ Burdick, and I am a Food Science major. I chose to study Food Science because it allowed me to combine my childhood dream of being a chef with my current love for science. I am an active member of Michigan State’s Food Science Club as well as a Campus Tour Guide for MSU. After college, I plan to use my degree to pursue a career in Research and Development or International Food Policies and Safety.

Shannon Good

Animal Science | Former Cohort 2 Student

I am a second-year student at Michigan State University. I have a deep passion for agriculture which stems from being raised on my family’s dairy farm. My enthusiasm for agriculture and love for dairy cows inspired me to major in Animal Science. I’m very grateful to be a STEM-FEE Scholar because it has allows me to make many valuable connections with MSU Faculty and build strong relations with students that have similar interests.

Brecinda Alise Hernandez

Fisheries and Wildlife | Former Cohort 2 Student

I am currently a fisheries and wildlife major with a concentration of wildlife biology and management and a minor in conservation, recreation, and environmental enforcement. I chose this path because I have always had an interest in animals and wanted to be apart of the impact towards protecting our wildlife. At Michigan State University, I am a member of the Fisheries and Wildlife club to help gain experience towards my career. I plan to attend the conservation officer academy after graduation to work for the Department of Natural Resources in the law enforcement branch. 

William Keinath

Crop and Soil Sciences | Former Cohort 2 Student

I come from an agricultural background, so naturally I chose something with agriculture. I chose Crop and Soil Sciences as my major and a minor in Agribusiness in hope of someday working as a chemical field sales representative. With the STEM-FEE program it has allowed me to create new friends, and relationships with faculty members that I otherwise would not have. It also allows me to see and hear different ideas about our agriculture community, and our environment in general.

Darla Knuth

Crop and Soil Sciences | Former Cohort 2 Student

Hi y’all my name is Darla and I’m from Rockwall, TX. I’m majoring in crop and soil science and minoring in entomology. Since being at MSU I’ve discovered I’m very interested in pest management and would like to explore that more going forward. So far on campus I’ve been involved in Bug Club and Block and Bridle where I’ve met some really great people. After graduation, I’m considering becoming a crop consultant or potentially going on to get my masters in agronomy. 

Nevaeh Marshall

Horticulture | Former Cohort 2 Student

I joined the STEM-FEE academy in my first year at MSU as a Horticulture Student with a minor is Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I chose this as my major because Horticulture is something I am passionate about and I love working outside in nature. I am currently working on an organic farm and it has only proved my love for plants. Outside of school and work.

Thomas Rondeau

Fisheries and Wildlife | Former Cohort 2 Student

I enjoy studying Fisheries & Wildlife because right away I was able to take classes related to my major. I got involved with Duck’s Unlimited even though I’ve never been duck hunting before. It has broadened my opportunities for the future. I was worried about going to such a big school, but joining different clubs as well as STEM-FEE, I was able to find friends with similar interests as me. 

Avery Rutland

Fisheries and Wildlife | Former Cohort 2 Student

My name is Avery Rutland and I am from Burleson, Texas. I have a passion for learning about animals and the environment that they live in, which led me to major in Fisheries and Wildlife, where I can do both. I am so happy to be a STEM-FEE Scholar because it has given me a community of other students and faculty that encourage and support me during my college experience. As well as being part of STEM-FEE, I am a member of MSU photography club, Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Ryan Sabo

Forestry | Former Cohort 2 Student

I chose forestry as my major because I’ve always loved being outdoors, and I want to be able to have passion in my work. I love that when I go on walks, I’m able to identify the trees and shrubs around me and get other people interested in the environment. My goal is to learn more about sustainable logging that can be used for cross-laminated timber and mass timber. Last year, I was involved in the bat club.  We put up bat houses and gave informational walks around campus. This year, I would like to get involved in more environmental clubs if COVID permits. 

Katarina (Kat) Gonzalez-Garcia

Horticulture | Former Cohort 2 Student

I chose my major because I love getting to watch plants grow, starting from seed or cutting or whatever it may be and watching the progression into a mature, sometimes flowering, plant. I also love the versatility of plants, they can be used for food, medicine, design, and so much more. I hope to one day manage a garden or even have my own business. 

Kenneth Mathews

Horticulture | Former Cohort 2 Student

Choosing Horticulture as my major has been the best decision I’ve made in my undergraduate career. Having worked on a farm I can truly say the courses in the Horticulture program have definitely provided me the knowledge and skills required to excell in vegetable or ornamental production. Therefore, with the skills acquired I will pursue a careeer in Urban Farming to provide local access to organic produce in food deserts. However, none of this would be possible if not for the STEM-FEE scholarship and Provost match that have provided the funds for me to continue my studies.  

Simcha (Simi) Rodgers

Horticulture | Former Cohort 1 Student

Simi Rodgers chose to study Sustainable and Organic Horticulture at MSU, because she thinks it is important for people to understand where their food comes from and how to grow their own food. While attending MSU, Simi participated in the Latino Student mentoring program and worked at multiple greenhouses and flower shops. She will be attending Wayne State University to earn a Master’s degree in English. Simi aspires to teach both English and Horticulture to high school or college students. She would like to combine her love of the arts and sciences by using her writing skills to inform people about the significance of their food choices and how they can have a positive impact on the planet.

Matt Uebbing

Crop and Soil Sciences | Former Cohort 1 Student

Matt is from Hudsonville, Michigan and he graduated in May of 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Sciences. He chose to study CSS because he wants to be in a position where he can help farmers understand the science involved in crop production and how that applies to their farm, ultimately trying to help improve the profitability and the sustainability of their operation. He will be starting graduate school at Michigan State in the fall pursuing a master’s in Plant Pathology.

Hunter Likavec

Animal Science | Former Cohort 1 Student

My name is Hunter Likavec and I am an Animal Science student. I chose this degree due to the diverse amount of options I am given once I receive my degree. At MSU I am involved in Block and Bridle and I am also a part of the Polo team on the PJV level. I will be graduating in May 2021 with my degree and plan on moving to Oklahoma to pursue my career in the ag industry in some way. STEM-FEE has allowed me to focus more on my schooling so that I can financially afford school and also has helped me travel to my internship in Oklahoma summer 2020 and help me out in gas money and tuition towards my internship credits which helps immensely. I am forever grateful for this program and has allowed me to enjoy my college career as much as I can.

Righteous Tipton

Horticulture Science | Former Cohort 1 Student

Righteous Tipton is a Horticultural major who studied Organic Horticulture and graduated with a Horticultural Science degree. After some time away from school Righteous chose to complete their Bachelor of Science degree. The main component that pushed them to make this life transition was the funding from MSU STEM-FEE. Righteous grew up in Southeast Michigan regularly helping their grandparents in a small backyard garden. They have fond memories of picking blackberries, pruning grapes, and helping water roses as a child. While going to school they worked at the Student Organic Farm before going to class. After graduation they volunteered at local farms in the Detroit area. In the winter of 2021 Righteous landed their first job outside of school as a hydroponic technician. While working Righteous volunteers and does community organizing to abolish policing and build safe communities in the Detroit area.

Emma Ashley-Grose

Forestry | Former Cohort 1 Student

I grew up on Green Eagle Farm and I love contributing to my community through providing healthy foods. From an early age I got my education digging in the dirt and I want to continue to learn and share all things nature. This scholarship has aided in my pursuit of a Forestry major while opening doors to growing my MSU community. The scholarship facilitators go above and beyond to provide support and opportunities for each recipient. I am grateful!

Chloe Grabb

Horticulture | Former Cohort 1 Student

My name is ChloeGrabb and I study Horticulture here at MSU. Choosing to study horticulture was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I have enjoyed each and every one of my classes in the program, and it’s incredible how much I’ve already learned. I wake up every morning excited to learn about and work with plants. I am the secretary of the Student Horticulture Association, as well as an undergraduate learning assistant for HRT 203 and NSC 192. I don’t know what I want to do with my degree just yet, but I know that I will be happy with whatever path I choose. 

Brianna Wiemer

Crop and Soil Sciences | Former Cohort 1 Student

Andrew Peter Davis

Crop and Soil Sciences | Former Cohort 2 Student