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Teacher Resources

  • National Agriculture in the Classroom: includes curriculum, eLearning, state/territory programs, and agricultural knowledge.
  • Click here to go to the Teacher Center
National Agriculture in the Classroom

  • Learn about Agriculture: The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth throughout California about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.
  • They provide resources such as lesson plans, fact sheets, and other activities for teachers to use for free. Click to go to the Teaching Resources.
  • Interested in Agricultural Literacy lessons? Visit this link for more: Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix
  • Visit this link for Michigan Lessons!
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

  • STEM For All Foundation: a nonprofit organization committed to improving educational outcomes, and college readiness in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for all students.
  • What they do: robotics, coding, engineering design, SPI STEM club, and more.
  • Website provides many resources such as workshops, programs, and conferences.
  • Click to go to the main page.

  • ‘STEM for ALL’ – Dr. Maggie Aderin Pocock – WISE 2013 Focus
  • Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock started her journey in Science Communication from the standpoint of wanting to encourage more youth (especially girls) to consider jobs in STEM.
  • Over the years her emphasis on youth has changed to include a much more general audience for three reasons. First, the older generation still has great influence over young people and, if you captivate the parents, the children will often follow. Second, STEM is very much part of our lives. To use it to its true potential, it is vital to understand its scope and limitations. Lastly, STEM practitioners need to be guided ethically and responsibly by the public, but to do this effectively society needs to be STEM literate.
  • Watch the talk here: STEM for All

  • Soil 4 Kids and Teachers – Dig Deeper: Soil Science Society of America: The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is a progressive international scientific society that fosters the transfer of knowledge and practices to sustain global soils.
  • Soil 4 Kids is an interactive website that teaches students all about soil, provides soil experiments, games, career exploration, and resources to learn more about soil in your community.
  • Soil 4 Teachers is a website full of soil science resources such as soil by subjects, soil and people, lessons and activities, and more.
  • Visit the Soil 4 Kids website here, or the Soil 4 Teachers website here to see all the valuable resources!

AAAS/Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books

iNaturalist Activity

  • iNaturalist is a social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe. If you want to learn more, click here: iNaturalist
  • STEM-FEE iNaturalist Activity: click here
  • Another resource developed by iNaturalist is Seek, a free, child-safe made to help people discover the natural world by identifying plants and animals, while earning badges along the way! Learn more about Seek and monthly National Geographic challenges here.