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Student Resources

  • Four year plan
  • For organizing college/university classes, credits, grades, transfer credits, etc: click here for a template
  • Four year plan example: click here
Four Year Plan & Degree Components | Year 1 Connections:

  • World Food Prize Foundation: Michigan Youth Institute
  • The Michigan Youth Institute is a life-changing experience coordinated by Michigan State University where high school students engage with local leaders and experts on critical global challenges, participate in hands-on activities, and explore exciting ways to make a difference in Michigan and around the world. Students research issues they care about and propose their ideas to solve these grand challenges.
  • Students who participate in the Michigan Youth Institute earn recognition as a Borlaug Scholar and qualify for internships and further opportunities. 
  • Register and submit requirements here at this link: How to participate
  • Link to YoutTube channel: WorldFoodPrizeFoundation
  • Volunteer opportunities: click here